Lair Review – The Ps3’s first epic fail

Lair was hyped. The game concept is refreshing and new, but it’s incredible how much Factor 5 screwed up.

You play as Rohn, a skyguard for Asylia, and your job is to kill those damn Mokai. Actually, the story in Lair was really good and well written, and gave the game a LOTR feel to it. The story touches on topics like genocide and trust, and it keeps you guessing who the bad guys really are.

Let’s get the positives out of the way first. Lair looks fantastic. The water effects are very impressive, the character models look amazingly real for the most part, the dragons are detailed (thank God), and the worlds are vast and open. Lair also sounds incredible. The instrumental score never dies down and it feels very medieval. It highlights Lair’s epic feel, and that it should, because Lair is a real feast for the senses.


But Lair is a game, not a movie. The controls in Lair are that you use the SIXAXIS to control your dragon by pulling left or right, up or down. And those controls work. But you feel like an idiot doing it, and your arms will get tired. You can breath fire on people and other dragons, you can swoop and pick up foes, and you can swipe the ground and take hundreds out. The 180 is probably the most flawed part of Lair. To do a 180, you need to quickly jerk the controller up. This NEVER works. Once in a million, really.

The camera in Lair sucks. It is all over the place, and never in a good spot when you need it. The lock on system works, but it isn’t precise enough to do the tasks the game needs you to do. Sometimes you will need to lock on to a certain object, but your dragon is looking at something else, so when you hit the lock on trigger, you will be locked on to the wrong thing. This is very frustrating, and you will die many times as a result. My final complaint is the length of the game. I was able to beat lair in just about 7 hours. This is disappointing for a 70 dollar game. Lair has good production values, but i just doesn’t give you enough bang for your buck.

That doesn’t mean that Lair isn’t any fun. It’s incredible fun to watch the story unfold, and at times, when the controls work, the game really feels innovative and cool. Unfortunately, the controls don’t work enough for the game to be credited with a good review. Lair is definitely a game worth checking out, because of its story, because of its graphics, because of its sound. And for those moments when it doesn’t suck.

~ by smithbubbajones on February 4, 2008.

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