Lost Planet Online Demo

The multiplayer demo for Capcom’s upcoming Ps3 title, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, was available for download as of Thursday. FramesPerSecond got its hands on it, as soon as possible. Luckily, the download was only about half an hour, but unfortunately, the online interface was terrible. It took literally hours of searching through games, and refreshing the page, just to get into the action. After about 3 hours, we were finally able to get into a game.

The wait was actually worth it. That pretty much states how good that Lost Planet is going to be. I did a team deathmatch 4 on 4, on the Pirate Fortress level. The map was fairly large, but still cozy enough for some serious action. The level had a great art design, and everything looked great, but the framerate wasn’t horribly stable. It is still a great looking game, and runs fairly well, especially for online.

There were a few weapons available, but the favorites were the machine guns for on foot, and the vital suits had cannons that destroyed everyone. The multiplayer in Lost Planet can make for some really good, competitive games. Hopefully, the interface and connection issues will be sorted out by the time the actual game is released, and that the single player campaign will be just as chaotic and fun as the multiplayer was.

After playing Lost Planet, even if just for ten minutes, the wait was totally worth it, as will the wait be until February 26.

~ by smithbubbajones on February 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Lost Planet Online Demo”

  1. you say “get your hands on it” so profesh i like it.
    check out ma blog by da way
    Username: BigN93

  2. grate game!!!!vau

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