Resistance: Fall of Man Review – Another shooter where you kill aliens? It’s actually not that bad. Not bad at all.

Resistance: Fall of Man

Sony, Insomniac


Resistance: Fall of Man is the standout Ps3 launch title. Of the somewhat disappointing group, it is by far the best. It doesn’t just happen to be the best of the worst, but it also happens to be a completely enjoyable shooter, that will be remembered as one of Sony’s flagship franchises from now on.

The story takes place in an alternate setting 1951, where WWII never happened, and instead, a mysterious force known as the Chimera ravages its way through Europe. In the ruins of England, US and British forces take a final stand to save humanity. You take the role of US Sgt. Nathan Hale, an untalkative hero, that is tough as nails. You will uncover secrets about how the Chimera came to be, as well as question your own humanity.

The story in Resistance has a great base, but is told very poorly. The in game cutscenes are rare, although they do a fairly good job of setting things up. The rest of the story is told through black and white slideshows which are narrated good, but are very boring. The pacing is pretty good, however, and it never really comes to a screeching halt. The missions that you have to do, really don’t connect well with the story, and although they make sense, don’t seem to have any important connection to the main story of the end of the world. Only the last 4 or 5 missions really pick up storywise, which is a little disappointing, but it’s great to know that Resistance is a franchise, and the base is there. It just needs to be opened up for future titles.


The artistic presence is high in Resistance. The feel of a war torn abandoned urban setting is captured to the wire here, and it really shows in every corner of the environment. There’s some pretty good detail in everything, especially the character models, even if many of them are the very same. The framerate remains at a solid 30, and never dips once, in the roughly 16 hour campaign, and the countless hours you can spend online. There’s an odd foggy look to everything, that kind of lessens the visual experience, but still adds to the 1951 feel.

Resistance shines through gameplay. The campaign, which you can do with another player in coop, takes you through suburbs, frozen rivers, underground railways, and Chimeran control towers. The variety in the enemies is great, and each one has a different way of taking it down. There are 12 weapons, each with normal fire modes, and one secondary fire mode, which can be anything from a homing tag, to a shield, to a grenade launcher, and to a metallic bouncy ball turret. The weapons are designed by the guys who made Ratchet and Clank, so it’s no surprise here.

The enemy AI is some of the best in any shooter. Enemies will throw grenades, take cover, and have marksman worth aiming. Resistance is a challenge, and will keep you entertained and occupied for a long time. Nathan will occasionally have one or two soldiers join him every now and then, although it’s a real chore to have them around. If you don’t cover them, they’ll get killed in just a few seconds. It’s a shame they don’t do the same for you.

There are a few vehicle sections, which feel very similar to Call of Duty 3, or Halo. The controls are tight, and the models are sturdy, and great for splattering some alien all over your windshield.

You really need to play Resistance to fully understand just how great the game really is. There’s things to blow up, dark places to explore, Chimera to kill, and humanity to save. It is really a definitive moment for shooters on the Ps3.

Resistance sounds great, even though the music is kept to a low. Whatever music there is, it’s an epic orchestral score. The voice acting isn’t half bad, and the weapons sound great. There are no sound bugs, and every little detail is recognized greatly.

As the first great game on the Ps3, Resistance is still holding its own among the best. It’s 16 hour campaign, and its endless multiplayer will keep it in your disc drive for awhile. Resistance offers 40 player online matches without any hitches. It’s a real feat for next gen gaming. Online is always chaotic and fun, if you can get the hang of it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of players with too much time on their hands, and keep the game from being any fun for anyone else. Become one of them, or be eaten.

Resistance although great overall, is a bit of a mixed bag. It isn’t unique at all, and feels like it should be something very average. The truth is, the game is far above average, and it’s very hard to place your finger on what makes it as good as it is. The only way to figure that out, is to play it.

~ by smithbubbajones on February 17, 2008.

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