Lair fix?

When Lair was released, it was met with terrible reviews. IGN gave it a 4.9, and it received a 4.5 from Gamespot. However, I never thought Lair was nearly as bad as those scores implied. I gave Lair a respective score of 6.6, and I felt that behind the great graphics and excellent sound, was a decent game. The control scheme was Lair’s biggest issue, which kept it from being a great game. Nobody at Sony or Factor 5, the game’s developer, has been able to cope with the mediocre critical reception, and they still haven’t given up on it. Days after Greg Miller at IGN gave Lair 4.9, Sony sent out a “Lair reviewer’s guide”, hoping to swing momentum in their favor. That didn’t work out.

There are rumors going around about a possible control tweak. This would come as a patch downloadable for free. Our hopes are that it is either a tweak on the sensitivity on the controls, or the option to use the analog stick. My thoughts are that if Lair had the option to use the left analog, rather than the SIXAXIS motion, then it would go from being a decent action title, to being a powerhouse action title. Let’s hope so, because I’m one of the only people left on this planet, that truly believes in Lair’s potential.

Lair is definitely a good game. If you own a Ps3, and haven’t checked it out yet, because of the poor press ratings, you should take my own word for it. Lair isn’t a 4.9 game. It’s a really decent action title, worthy of a rent at least. And, if these rumors are true, expect an even better one.

~ by smithbubbajones on February 19, 2008.

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