Warhawk Review – Fly through the skies with a bit of turbulence.


Sony, Incognito


Warhawk is sexified. Flying through the skies, which look phenomenal, in planes that are kick ass, doing all sorts of maneuvers, while chasing another kick ass plane, and trying to shoot it down, is sexified. Unfortunately, the ground combat keeps Warhawk from being perfect, and it honestly almost ruins the game.

Developer Incognito was so confident with their multiplayer, that they completely scrapped the single player campaign, which is a shame, because it really subtracts from the overall value of the game. So, if you don’t have an internet connection, then you should stop reading now, because you 100% should not get the game, as sexified as it is.


There are 4 game modes in Warhawk: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Zones. The first three explain themselves, but the latter needs some explaining. There are zones or bases, all over the map, and your team needs to control them. That’s about it. All four game modes work well, even if the ground combat dampens the experience.

The flight part of Warhawk is what makes it so sexified, a word I will use over and over when I talk about it. The planes can be flown with the SIXAXIS, which actually does work well, or the left analog stick, for when you’re feeling lazy. There are powerups in the skies, which are weapon pick ups. There are lock on missiles, TOW missiles, air bombs, and other kick ass weapons available to your arsenal. When you are locked on, you can use a chaff, to get rid of oncoming missiles, or you can swing around a hill to put things in the missiles’ paths, just like in Super Mario Galaxy. You can go upside down, do barrel rolls, and all the other airshow stuff, without any seems, and that’s sexified. If you can master the flight in Warhawk, you’ll have a blast.

Now, the ground combat, which actually doesn’t pan out as well as you’d think. The maps, first of all, are sometimes too big for you to travel across on foot. There are vehicles, such as jeeps with turrets, and tanks, which are unstoppable. Tanks are the best part of ground combat. However, there is a heavy unbalance between people in tanks, people in planes, people in jeeps, and people on foot. This unbalance makes Warhawk too difficult, which is unfortunate.


The sexified flight mechanic saves the day, as you can go to Dogfight servers, which are plane-only. Hells yeah.

Overall, Warhawk is sexified. Unfortunately, the lack of a single player campaign, uneven gameplay, and lack of a tutorial keep this one from being a must buy. If you love flight games, you should definitely give Warhawk a shot. It opens up for a lot of new things, and hopefully, upcoming expansion packs will make the game even better. As it stands now, Warhawk is a very good game, and that should be enough for at least a rent.

~ by smithbubbajones on February 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Warhawk Review – Fly through the skies with a bit of turbulence.”

  1. this game is not ruiend by the ground combat i think it makes it better

  2. this game is better with the ground combat

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