Dark Sector Ps3 Hands-on Preview

Dark Sector

I spent a few hours with D3 and Digital Extreme’s latest project, Dark Sector. The game is an action oriented shooter, which features a really sweet looking blade, called the glaive. And, to get this out of the way first, the glaive is almost as awesome as it looks.

Dark Sector has crazy brutality. You’ll be cutting guys in half, chopping their legs off, slitting their throats, impaling them onto walls with shotguns, and breaking their spines. It’s all really awesome, and it’s the best thing the game has going for itself.

From what I’ve played, the guns are limited, but the ammo isn’t you’ll constantly pick up ammo, and you will never run out. The aiming is borderline working, but as what I’ve seen from Army of Two, that can be overlooked, if other aspects of the game are awesome. That can be said for Dark Sector on the most part. The AI is nothing but brilliant, and the boss fights are superb so far.

However, there are a few flaws I can’t look past. There are these element puzzles, that are challenging at first, but become very routine and repetitive after just a couple of hours. Also, the cover system is a little spotty. You can hurdle over objects, but it’s difficult to tell which ones you can and cannot, making it a little frustrating. Also, You are magnetically stuck to a wall, and have no actual way of becoming unattached to the wall, the only way I found useful was rolling away, into another object. When grenades are thrown in, it makes it almost impossible to be able to evade. Also, the level design has that sort of Half Life 2 problem, where it is very simple where you need to be, but you just can’t figure out, due to the lack of a map, or objectives list.

I’ve only just begun my romp through Dark Sector. So far, it is entertaining to a point, but some flaws seem to be holding it back. The details in this preview are very limited. Dark Sector has a lot more to offer, but I’ve given you the run down. Look back in about a week for the full review.

~ by smithbubbajones on April 5, 2008.

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