Lair 2.0


Lair has seen plenty of scrutiny over its poor SIXAXIS flight controls, and poor lock on feature, along with other issues. Plenty of critics gave Lair below 5.0, and really bashed it. I didn’t exactly enjoy Lair myself. I gave it a 6.4, because of those very same issues. A rumored patch was announced a few months back, supposedly adding the possibility to play using the analog. Now, that has been made for certain. As of April 17, a Lair patch (2.0) will be available on PSN, and when you start up the game. Many reviewers have stated they will not be re reviewing Lair, and I won’t re review it either. I will, however, look over the game with the patch very soon, and get back to you with my thoughts, and give Lair 2.0 a set of scores by itself. I will not be editing the actual review, however. Look at it as a “Lair Patch Review”, since that’s exactly what it will be.

~ by smithbubbajones on April 12, 2008.

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