Another game to avoid

Iron Man

Publisher: Sega

I spent some time playing the demo for Iron Man, which is available for every system thinkable. Usually when publishers release a game for almost every system, they are trying to cash in on a gimmick. Obviously the gimmick here is the Iron Man Movie. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME.

Iron Man is an action title from Lord knows who, and it sucks. The controls are very clunky. Flying and hovering, which you need to do frequently requires a limited amount of pressure tediously to stay in the air properly, and stay locked onto a target. This sucks. The graphics are absolutely terrible, using the Havok engine in a way it was never supposed to be used. Lighting is impressive, but textures are very poor, and animations are even worse. The music just repeats one track over and over, and it isn’t very catchy, the voice acting sounds like a bored robot, enemy AI is really dull, enemies are generic, and the only real shooting you have is holding down the right trigger.


~ by smithbubbajones on April 26, 2008.

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