Battlefield: Bad Company Final Preview

Battlefield: Bad Company

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Digital Illusions CE (DICE)

Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Release Date: June 23, 2007

Battlefield has always been the best miliary shooter on the PC. Battlefield 1942 won several awards and received high critical praise, as did Battlefield 2, which brought the series into modern times. As did Battlefield 2142, which brought the series into the deep future. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was the series’ first run on consoles, and it was met with fairly good scores.

So, undoubtedly, Battlefield is a great franchise with incredible games, no?

Now, Battlefield: Bad Company is coming to the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, noticeably missing is a release for the PC. However, this is an opportunity for DICE, the Swedish developer, and they’ve realized that, as not only are they creating a genre defining multiplayer game, but they have shifted also to a heavy focus on an intense, story driven, lengthy campaign.

Battlefield: Bad Company’s campaign follows a group of misfit soldiers from B Company, where the US military sends all of the soldiers who are deemed “expendable”. You play directly as Preston Marleau, a newbie to the group. You meet your squad, Sweetwater, who is the smarty of the group. You also meet Redford, your sarge, who only wants to be called Redford, and you meet Haggard, the veteran of your squad. The first cutscene lets Haggard already show what kind of a character he is.

Redford: “And this here’s Haggard.”

Haggard: “Nice to meet you. You smell very clean.”

Obviously, DICE is shooting for some great humour with their superb looking character development, and it’s working. Every character in the game is as realistic as people get, their facial animations are impressive, and hopefully their backstories are great too. For certain, the cast will definitely help out the story for a good cause. Trailers have shown intense situations and heavy camaraderie. The story follows the four unguided heroes as they go on a quest for gold. They risk it it all for personal gain. The developers are taking a chance, and it looks like it could pay off big. Players have been waiting for the next great campaign, now that Halo is finished.

Aside from what could be a fantastic campaign with an even better story, Battlefield is still bringing the ability to have intense battles on a huge warzone. The gold rush is what multiplayer is all about in Bad Company. Defenders have to defend two gold crates at a base while the attackers have to destroy them. Attackers try to destroy the crates, and if they do so, they unlock the next base for attack. If the attackers run out of respawns, that’s it. Every map is large, and getting around requires vehicles. There are several army based vehicles, like jeeps, to tanks, to boats, to helicopters. Other than Warhawk, this could be the biggest sandbox battles ever seen on a console.

The new frostbite engine that Bad Company sports is absolutely beautiful. The lighting effects give off just enough glare to make the buildings shine realistically. The game runs at a brisk framerate, and doesn’t hiccup. But what makes the frostbite engine such a beauty to show off is the destructible environments. It’s something that’s very rare in any video games, and people should be on the watch for it. Barrels of gunpowder and other explosives are set up in just the right places.

The soundtrack in BC is very unique, and gives off a laid back, casual feeling. Instead of explaining, why don’t you just listen.

Menu Music:

In Game Sample:

The in game sample is a very heart wrenching, emotional war theme that suits any war perfectly.

That’s the rundown on Battlefield: Bad Company. It’s in stores June 23 for the Ps3 and Xbox 360.

Will it be able to pull off what it’s out to do? Check back for my review after its release.

~ by smithbubbajones on June 8, 2008.

One Response to “Battlefield: Bad Company Final Preview”

  1. I played the Demo on PS3. A fun game but nothing compared to Call of Duty 4

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